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Introducing a new protocol designed specifically for school SLPs

Sneak Peek…New Certification Course designed specifically for School SLPs

New Course Introductory Price of 99.00 (Limited time only)

Don’t miss out.

You know this kid has tongue thrust! Now what?

You are a busy professional and you want to do the right thing!

Tongue thrust does not have to be frustrating. Using the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol you will have predictable outcomes you can build a niche service line on or the skills to move those stuck students off of caseload permanently.

Continuing Education

A variety of courses are available for professionals wanting to increase their understanding of tongue thrust to those wanting to become specialized in tongue thrust treatment and build a niche service line or practice.

Get Certified

The capstone program of the STTP Training Center is the premier online certification course. All of the content and none of the fluff! This 40 hour comprehensive course includes updated lecture videos, handouts, assessment and treatment videos from beginning to end, with an online live competency assessment.

Become an Affiliate Clinic

We are partnering with clinics who would like to build their competencies and caseloads treating individuals with tongue thrusts. If you would like to grow your practice with us, let’s connect!

Why should I bother to be certified in the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol? Anna is a private practice owner in Emmett Idaho who shares her experience in the online STTP Training Center and specifically with the Advanced Certification Course. “It worked out ideal for me in my experience.”

Let’s build something together.


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