STTP Training Center

We offer courses for both parents and professionals, beginners to specialists, to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Check out the courses running now. Need something you don’t see online now? Let us know your needs! Get in touch below.

Parents & Professionals

Early Intervention Program

It’s never too early to begin recognizing the characteristics of tongue thrust and eliminating the risk factors before they develop into a mature tongue thrust.


Introduction to the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol

This course will specifically introduce the components of the STTP Oral Evaluation and the STTP as well as the difference between the STTP and other traditional treatment approaches to tongue thrust.


Perspectives in Tongue Thrust

This interactive course looks at tongue thrust from a variety of perspectives including SLP, OMD, and Dentistry and will be beneficial for those who refer out for tongue thrust therapy and want to have more understanding and options for patients but may not want to do the actual therapy.


STTP Parent Mediated Instruction

This program is a clinician guided instruction that is provided online with parent-mediated instruction in the home. It is recommended for use by parents with their children over the age of 8 who have received a diagnosis of tongue thrust or adults who have tongue thrust and want to eliminate it with online instruction.


Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Tongue Thrust Provider

What are the Top 5 Questions you should ask your Tongue Thrust Provider? Why does it matter? What if you don’t have a choice of providers?


STTP Advanced Certification Course

This 16-hour comprehensive course includes lecture videos and handouts; assessment and treatment videos from assessment to elimination; a physical copy of the STTP-2, 25 STTP-2 Oral Assessment Forms, and your certification as a STTP Professional with full clinical support.

Allyson shares how she uses the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol (STTP) not only for her tongue thrust patients but throughout her pediatric practice (even the dreaded /r/). Having been exposed to the Protocol and other programs prior to receiving her STTP certification training gives her a unique perspective on the value of speed and application.

Why should I bother to be certified in the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol? Anna is a private practice owner in Emmett Idaho who shares her experience in the online STTP Training Center and specifically with the Advanced Certification Course. “It worked out ideal for me in my experience.”


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