Introducing the All New STTP Training Center!

Grand Re-Opening!

As we closed down 2019 in December, we closed down the Open Learning platform and brought the courses all back in house for some updating. With all of the craziness and chaos of 2020, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to reach my goal of re-opening the STTP Training Center on July 1st. I am over the moon today, July 1st, as I announce that the new website with the in-house STTP Training Center is now open and fully accessible.

New Name

New Look

We have a new look and hopefully it’s not just cosmetic but it will be easier to navigate and find the content that you are looking for.

  • Parent page with direct links to parent content, certified providers and courses
  • Professional page with direct links to courses and opportunities
  • STTP Training Center page with all courses currently running housed in one direct click and train location
  • Going forward blogs will be categorized and linked to the appropriate audience for ease of navigation

Across the board the purpose has been to simplify and give you a more complete learning experience as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time is our most valuable asset and our purpose has always been to provide training for the most efficient and effective tongue thrust assessment and treatment program available. Now we have hopefully taken that philosophy into our courses and provide that same efficiency and effectiveness into the training courses and programs.

New Programs

You may also notice that we have added some new programs and courses and archived some that were just too old. Here’s a sneak peak at the new programs with upcoming blogs that will focus specifically on why they have been created and who may want to find out more.

And of course, the whole purpose of the STTP Training Center is the specialized training for our certified professionals. We have simplified that process as well, taking out some of the pre-requisite course work and updating for the STTP2. You can complete the training in half the time but still fully online! For those clinics who are wanting to build their tongue thrust service line we are offering an Affiliate Clinic Status for training and support beyond certification.

Summer is a great time to complete your continuing ed and fill in those skill gaps while the kids are out of school. It’s also, historically, the best time for private clients who want to knock it out before school starts. It’s not too late and there has never been a better time or easier way to get your tongue thrust training! Come check out the new site now!

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