The STTP Training Center was developed as an overseeing agency to provide content and oversight for the training and certification of professionals using the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol for Assessment and Treatment of Tongue Thrust. The STTP Training Center will ensure competency and consistency throughout the certification process. It will also serve as a resource for individuals seeking providers who have demonstrated competency in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of tongue thrust.

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Intro to Perspectives in Tongue Thrust: Clinical Dilemmas & Clinical Solutions  online course is offered monthly. OPEN NOW! This course is a required pre-requisite for those who want to advance to the STTP Certification Course. This interactive course looks at tongue thrust from a variety of perspectives including SLP, OMD, and Dentistry and will be beneficial for those who refer out for tongue thrust therapy and want to have more understanding and options for patients but may not want to do the actual therapy.
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STTP Certification Course requires completion of the Intermediate Perspectives course as part of the Certification Process.   This is the final Certification Course of 2017 so you will not want to miss this class! Course runs September 1 – October 31. Pre-registration for September course is open now.

Advanced STTP Certification Course Pre-Registration Link

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ACT FAST BUNDLE! Perspectives & STTP Certification Course Pre-Registration Bundle Link

STTP Training Center Online

Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy– Free Introductory Course is open! This course is now an open course that you can register for and complete at any time. You no longer have to watch and wait for a class opening! Yay! Come in and join the class and see what’s going on.

Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy Link


Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy Link

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