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The STTP Training Center is undergoing an update in 2020. We will be changing our education platform with a new face and focus. We are always striving to meet the needs of our students, clients and public as technology changes and service delivery models expand. We are taking a page from Disney and all existing courses will go into the STTP Vault. All certified professionals will continue to be supported and have access to all Training Center content. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase your courses before they are gone.


Maybe you are searching for some information on tongue thrust and have never heard of the STTP Training Center or The Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol so you just want to take a peek at whether or not it’s for you. Start with the Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy.


Changing The Face of Tongue Thrust (6)

Maybe you have an interest in treating tongue thrust or have been using traditional methods with less than remarkable results and you are looking for more. You want to start with Changing the Face of Tongue Thrust: Introduction to the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol 50% off now.

Perspectives course banner

Maybe you are a professional that does not directly treat tongue thrust but you would like to have a better understanding of how the treatment team dynamics work and considerations for referral. You want to enroll in the Perspectives in Tongue Thrust: Clinical Dilemmas and Clinical Solutions 50% off now!

Advanced Certification Course

There’s even a possibility that you already know that you want to be a Certified STTP Practitioner with all of the rights, access, and support that goes along with it. Then jump into the STTP Advanced Certification Course Package 50% off now!

In addition to taking away timelines and integrating the pre-requisite into the package, we have also updated the course content to reflect the updates in the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol: A Protocol for the Assessment & Treatment of Tongue Thrust, 2nd Edition.

The STTP Training Center was developed as an overseeing agency to provide content and oversight for the training and certification of professionals using the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol for assessment and treatment of tongue thrust. The STTP Training Center will ensure competency and consistency throughout the certification process. It will also serve as a resource for individuals seeking providers who have demonstrated competency in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of tongue thrust.



Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy Intro Video

This is the introductory course in the Stone Tongue Thrust Protocol (STTP) certification program. It is open to the general public or professionals who are interested in learning more about tongue thrust.
Tongue Thrust is a controversial and specialized area within the disciplines of dentistry, orofacial myology and speech language pathology. Clinical practitioners are caught in the middle with patients exhibiting tongue thrust and seeking services and the lack of evidence based practice tools that are relevant in our changing service delivery models. This course will provide you with a greater understanding of tongue thrust and the issues surrounding the controversy.

Debunking the Myths of Traditional Tongue Thrust Therapy Course Link


Changing The Face of Tongue Thrust (4)

This course will specifically introduce the components of the STTP Oral Evaluation and the STTP as well as the difference between the STTP and other traditional treatment approaches to tongue thrust. So if you’ve been wondering and watching but not ready to make the leap to certification this is a great course to get you off the fence!

Changing the Face of Tongue Thrust Course 50% off Link



This interactive course looks at tongue thrust from a variety of perspectives including SLP, OMD, and Dentistry and will be beneficial for those who refer out for tongue thrust therapy and want to have more understanding and options for patients but may not want to do the actual therapy.



The Certification Course has undergone some pretty significant updating which includes bundling the previous pre-requisite course into the package and adding new content from the STTP 2nd Edition. Additionally, we have eliminated cohorts and timelines so that you are able to take the certification course when it is most convenient for you. What hasn’t changed is the convenience of a completely online certification program. Our commitment of quality training and unparalleled support remain our hallmark and standard.

Advanced STTP Certification Package 50% off Link

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STTP Training Center Online Link


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